Business Process Improvement Training Courses

The X-Stream Leadership Group provides a full range of business process improvement courses, including but not limited to:

  • Lean Six Sigma Executive Leadership classes (1- & 2-day courses)
  • Lean Six Sigma Management classes (2- & 3-day courses)
  • White Belt training (1-day course)
  • Yellow Belt training (3-days & 1-week courses)
  • Green Belt training (6-days & 2-week courses)
  • Black Belt training (4-week or a “blended” online/in-class courses)
  • Belt certification requires each student to complete a project that demonstrates real results and a measurable ROI that is sustainable within their organization. All classes require a minimum of 8 students.

The X-Stream Difference

Exposing students to theory and concepts is only the beginning. The X-Stream difference is our focus on the training required to empower team facilitation of these tools. We focus heavily on the practical applications of the tools and techniques we teach. Course material makes extensive use of actual events, experiences, and projects from the manufacturing, service, transactional, and medical industries.

Become the leader you were meant to be

Our courses are designed to provide continuous improvement for your practitioners and transform them into world-class business leaders. We blend Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints to provide you with the most robust and effective methodology in the world. By combining these methodologies, your leaders will develop the ability to identify and solve problems directly related to your bottom line.



I had the opportunity to know J.R. McGee as an Instructor for “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” course at Drexel University. It was a pleasure to have him as a class teacher and a project mentor, because of his: (a) excellent oratory, (b) extraordinary conversation capability, (c) hands-on approach to solve problems, (d) passion as well as commitment to help people become world-class professionals.

- Anand Pillarisetti, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania

J.R. is a charismatic and enthusiastic leader. He has the ability to connect with all levels of company personnel and motivate individuals to work together. His expert knowledge of Lean Six Sigma has allowed us to streamline processes, improve outcomes and save money. It has been personally and professionally rewarding having the opportunity to work with J.R. McGee.

- Karen Rodemer
Director of Adult Health & Geriatrics, Underwood Memorial Hospital