Jonathan Koffler, MBA

Director of Client Services Abbott Diabetes

“J.R. was my Professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia. I attended the Green Belt Six Sigma training and certification course and J.R. was my Professor. J.R. is extremely knowledgeable with Six Sigma and Process Improvement. The course work was intense and J.R. was an excellent teacher and communicator. My project to become certified was a Gauge R&R Analysis Study and J.R. was always available to guide me through the difficult process of conducting this test. He is a great listener and educator and I highly recommend him."

Anand Pillarisetti, PhD

Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania

“I had the opportunity to know J.R. McGee as an Instructor for “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” course at Drexel University. It was a pleasure to have him as a class teacher and a project mentor, because of his: (a) excellent oratory, (b) extraordinary conversation capability, (c) hands-on approach to solve problems, (d) passion as well as commitment to help people become world-class professionals.”

Michele "Sheli" Kienle

Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist, ZAP Digital, Inc

“J.R. and the entire X-Stream Leadership Group team are wonderful to work with and offer some of the best training and knowledge out there. Leading by example and providing excellence in all they do! Check them out today!”

Peter Kaprielyan

Hospital Healthcare

“J.R. is highly professional and has helped our organization with culture change and making significant improvements in the way that we deliver care since 2008. I recommend J.R. and his organization without hesitation.”

Jd Marhevko

“I have known and worked with J.R. McGee for more than 5 years in various professional activities. Working with J.R., it doesn't take long to recognize certain important characteristics: J.R. is an expert Executive Coach with strong leadership skills. While incredibly personable, JR is politely persistent when dealing with difficult issues. He leads through asking penetrating questions that force reflection. J.R. takes input, applies it to life situations, and helps you find a way to effect improvement Beyond these critical characteristics, J.R. is without doubt one of the strongest personal coaches that I have ever known.”

Karen Rodemer

“J.R. is a charismatic and enthusiastic leader. He has the ability to connect with the all levels of company personnel and motivate individuals to work together. His expert knowledge of Lean Six Sigma has allowed us to streamline processes, improve outcomes and save money. It has been personally and professionally rewarding having the opportunity to work with J.R. McGee.”

Anthony Stanowski

ARAMARK Healthcare

“J.R. is working with one of our clients, and they have been very happy with his efforts. He has fostered a team atmosphere with the hospital. What is most impressive with J.R. is his approach, which combines Six Sigma, Lean, and Theory of Constraints. This is a similar approach as the Joint Commission, thus fits in well with a hospital accreditation process. J.R. embraces the best of the three approaches, recognizing the strengths/weaknesses of each. For example, Six Sigma in healthcare assumes the ability to manage care as if derivations can be minimized; however, its statistical process measurement is valuable. Lean's focus on process allows for an analysis of problem identification. And finally, theory of constraints recognizes that there may be a limiting factor (or factors) in getting at the one best way. When J.R. combines them all, and manages the project, it produces world-class results. Lastly, J.R. is a good guy...a regular guy. Easy to talk to; he's a natural teacher...who thoroughly enjoys what he is doing as it fits in with his purpose of life.”

Rick Maurer

President, Maurer & Associates

“J.R. is a joy to work with. He clearly is an expert in the technical aspects of change (like Lean Six Sigma) but he also gets the human side as well. And that is a rare thing. And he is open to being influenced by colleagues and clients. Whenever I talk with J.R., I get inspired to do better work.”

Darren Paulson

“I have known J.R. McGee and his team since 2001 and have used his services on a variety of projects including: •Lean/Six Sigma training and certification of employees and staff as Green Belts •Lean and rapid improvement projects to reduce cycle and lead times across our business systems resulting in thousands in cost savings •Kaizen events •System & Process Audits •Process improvements •Management coaching and mentoring J.R.’s a true professional and his charisma, enthusiasm and energy is contagious. He is an excellent speaker and knows how to keep the audience’s attention. I recommend J.R. and the X-Stream Lean Team to anyone who is looking to improve the performance of their business."

Jack Pritchard

“I first met J.R. at an ASQ conference where he was making a presentation. Such was the impression that he made on me in that presentation and subsequent conversations that when my employer suggested that I would benefit from an executive/leadership coach J.R. was the first person that came to mind. In the year that he was retained as my coach and in the years since, I have learned more from J.R. on leadership, understanding people, and change management than I would have thought possible. The several graduate courses I have had on management were not as useful to me as an hour spent with J.R. I continue to learn from him, both directly and through his writing and speaking appearances, which I never miss if possible.”

Adam S. Maco

Vice President of Accounting Services, Maco & Associates, LLC

“J.R. is an exemplary Leader and Businessman, but he is much more than that. He is a great friend, and an honorable person as a whole. He has a thirst for knowledge that I, as an accountant, could not get enough of. His dedication and drive are something that I personally strive to emulate. I thoroughly enjoyed working with JR, and the rest of X-Stream Leadership Group. J.R. and the entire X-Stream Leadership Group will work thoroughly to provide the best results, and highest level of service, for your organization.”

Vince Hibbs

Director - Business Development, Philly Area Consulting Company

“J.R. has great insight, ethics, technical and process expertise, managerial and analytical skills. Working for JR was quite rewarding. By observing JR in the workplace, I was able to heighten my ability to help organizations take the best path to Process Improvement. His skills in providing Lean Six Sigma, Executive Coaching, and Organization development services are world class. I highly recommend JR and X-Stream Leadership Group.”

Tim Gillette

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lockheed Martin Corp

“You will not find a more dedicated person to work with than JR. He will provide the best results and service to your organization. J.R. setup the Master Black Belt Program and set it up as an effective Lean Six Sigma program with the highest standards.”

Jaimee Wu, CSCP

Forecast/Inventory Optimization Manager, Navistar Inc.

“I knew J.R. McGee through attending a seminar he held at APICS annual conference. The speech he presented, on how he turned around an ineffective and aging manufacturing operation into a powerful lean enterprise, is very impressive and highly valuable to the operation professionals. J.R. has a wealth of knowledge and in depth experience on Lean, Six Sigma, leadership, and manufacturing operations. He also has a great sense of humor and talent of career coaching.”

Michael Paquin

Volunteer & Leader, American Society for Quality

“J.R.'s energy, knowledge, professionalism, and commitment is evident in everything he does. J.R. is wonderful member of the quality community. When he comes to a ASQ program meeting you can practically feel the electricity in the room because of his high level of energy and eagerness to meet, talk and share with people. It was because of this we (the Philadelphia ASQ leadership team) asked J.R. to be the single featured speaker at one of our meetings. It was a cold snowy January night but despite that we had an unusually good turn-out which I attribute to the fact that people wanted to hear what J.R. had to say about Six-Sigma. The attendees were not disappointed. They listened enraptured to J.R. tell a couple of simple stories about how he and X-Stream saved an organization from going bankrupt and turned their culture around. Not only saving jobs but saving pride. The attendees survey comments form that night were glowing with praise and I think the ratings are still in the top-10 of all time meetings. By the way; J.R did this with his ankle in a cast while he hobbled around on crutches. When we asked what happened we were told he hurt his ankle in a skiing accident but since he had promised our section he would speak there was no way he would cancel his commitment.”

Natalie Picucci Kopec, LPC, LCSW

Clinical Coordinator/Psychiatric Social Worker, Underwood Memorial Hospital

“It is with great pleasure to write this recommendation for J.R. McGee. I met J.R. when he came to Underwood Memorial Hospital as a consultant to educate the management staff about the Lean Six Sigma process with his X-Stream Leadership Group. Within a few moments of listening to J.R., you instantly feel his enthusiasm and knowledge about the topic. He is a wonderful teacher, engaging lecturer and is able to integrate his work experiences into applicable examples. J.R. is also a good listener and truly wants to hear from his audience in order to help them reach the goal of the organization. As time went on, I had the privilege to sit on several work groups with J.R. and it is apparent how warm and understanding he is as a person which makes him likeable as a lecturer. His down to earth nature along with his skill set and experience makes him a wonderful coach. I learned so much by working with J.R. that I would highly recommend him for any organization to assist them with reaching their goals.”

Leo Gemoets Jr

Operations Professional

“I had the pleasure of working with J.R. and his group on two occasions, both of which were well received by the audience and quite productive. One of these presentations was a one day executive leadership development exercise delivered to a group of difficult critics. The presentation proved to be success as it met all set objectives and delivered insight into the group’s dynamics. I would recommend J.R. and his team for other programs. He is both professional and an engaging speaker and presenter.”

Jim Baca

Underwood Memorial Hospital

“I have the honor and privilege to work with J.R. on organizational improvement opportunities, specifically using Lean Six Sigma techniques and concepts. J.R., and his business partner Sandy Miller, provide outstanding mentoring and facilitation through Green Belt training, as well as ongoing project review boards. J.R. brings a dynamic and energized training regime yet adds personal touches allowing those involved to have a sense of ownership not only for the organization but also for their own personal best. I would highly recommend J.R. and his company to anyone looking to improve process and reduce extraneous expenses. The bottom line is that J.R. understands how to communicate with organizational constituents ensuring they perform to their best and conclude with a job well done.”

Art Trepanier

Process Improvement Specialist, Lockheed Martin

“I have worked with J.R. in the Lockheed Martin Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program as well as other professional affiliations. I have always found J.R. to be knowledgeable, well prepared and extremely dependable. He has the knowledge of the tool of Lean Six Sigma and has the ability to incorporate these tools into the improvement activities for organizations. Since he has utilized these tools he has an in depth understanding of their use. Additionally, he is a captivating and motivating teacher and lecturer.”

Doug Norkus

Payload Operations Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

“J.R. McGee is a passionate, knowledgeable, determined Master Black Belt leader. He works tirelessly for the benefit of his clients and students. When J.R. makes a commitment, you can count on 110% follow-through. J.R.'s work is second to none.”

Andrew Buczewski

"Having worked with J.R. in the early stages of my career was the best choice I could have made. His intense passion for excellence is contagious and in turn motivates you to want to exceed the high standards he expects. One can not truly put a value on the training and insight that J.R. gives you. I walked away with a competitive advantage that is going to benefit me for the rest of my life."

Myles Burke

Capture Quality Master Black Belt, Lockheed Martin

“JR is a professional and a true gentleman with a passion for everything he does both in business and his personal life. I am fortunate to have spent time with JR out of work with him and family and would trust him with my grandkids and my business. I am sure his resume lists many formal trainings and prior work experiences he has., but what it needs to state is he has Focus and coupled with his analytical and people – soft skills allows him to quickly grasp situations and engage in meaningful work to drive improvement whether at the receiving dock or the board room. To J.R. it is all about results, both quantitative and qualitative in building personal relationships."

Scott Tatro, M.B.A., P.M.P.

“J.R. is a talented and insightful consultant. I have had the pleasure of working with JR and X-Stream Leadership Group to tailor a corporate wide lean six sigma initiative as well as to conduct plant training and to lead a value stream mapping event. He works diligently to understand the participant's concerns, be in speculation with them about what their business systems can achieve and then helps them plan to make it happen. He suspends his conclusions and asks many, many questions helping the participants to build their own conclusions. His examples and advice is always relevant, meaningful, and vastly helpful to his clients. He is direct without being overbearing. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with J.R. and X-Stream Leadership Group in any capacity will find the experience enjoyable and beneficial.”

David Behling

Operational Excellence and Quality Leader

"As always, J.R. gave an electric talk which pushed everyone to think differently about Quality and how each of us must take action if we want to change and improve. He always seems to provide me with a new paradigm when I hear him speak."



JR is an absolute genius and is able to transfer his understanding to others. If you get a change to attend any of his training, do not walk, but run to sign up!

JR and his team of super stars are consumate professionals in their field. From government to corporate, they will get you squared away.