Quality Management

The X-Stream Leadership Group is committed to making your organization the best in your industry. We believe that an effective and aggressive Quality Management system is the key to achieving world-class performance. We will help you effectively utilize your resources in order to lower costs, shorten cycle times, and build customer confidence that will make your organization stand out and Achieve what it was Created to Become.

The Skills You Need to Succeed

Our practitioners have the extensive experience and expertise to help you develop and perfect your organization’s Quality Management systems. We have worked with a wide range of organizations including healthcare, commercial firms, government entities, and production and service industries. Our diverse experience will help you uphold your policies, realize your objectives, sustain your gains, and exceed your dreams. We will work with you to identify and implement the appropriate methods and tools to develop and maintain highly tailored Quality Management systems that will allow your organization to achieve world-class performance.



“J.R. is a professional and a true gentleman with a passion for everything he does both in business and his personal life. I am fortunate to have spent time with J.R. out of work with him and family and would trust him with my grandkids and my business. I am sure his resume lists many formal trainings and prior work experiences he has, but what it needs to state is his focus and coupled with analytical and people skills allows him to quickly grasp situations and engage in meaningful work to drive improvement, whether at the receiving dock or the board room. To J.R. it is all about results, both quantitative and qualitative, in building personal relationships.”