Our Team

Our experiences leading and managing teams—from Military Special Forces to Fortune 25 companies—help us push you to Achieve What You Were Created to Become.


J.R. McGee

Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer

J.R. is the Founder and CEO of the X-Stream Leadership Group. He is the host of the radio show “Behind the Lines with J.R. McGee: Intel You Can Trust!.  He has innovated new techniques that drive organizational transformations and new methodologies that provide the sustainability piece to ensure you see a true ROI. He developed and trademarked a new leadership methodology for Dynamic Profiling® that is powerful, practical, and fast! He authors an Executive Coaching column for Quality Forum magazine. He was awarded the ASQ Roger Berger Award for outstanding leadership support for Quality Knowledge and Operational Excellence to the Global Quality Community. He sits on the Board of Directors for the ASQ NextGen Program for Future Leadership Development for Quality Management. He is also a Board Member for Aqua Vitea. As Program Manager at “Top Gun” ranges world-wide, J.R. specialized in operations, training, and development of Fighter Pilots, Special Forces, Combat Field Engineering, as well as providing operational support to Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism operations around the world. J.R. is recognized as one of the world’s best Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Sensei’s and has conducted and facilitated more than 730 improvement events around the world. He holds a degree in Electronic Technology from Troy State University (European Div) and a degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland. He also completed the Strategic Studies Program at the Tepper Carnegie Mellon Business Institute; and the Strategic Leadership Program at the Goizueta Business School, Emory University.

J.R. has combined his experience and passion in order to help you Achieve What You Were Created to Become.

J.R. is committed to improving business strategy execution and developing world-class organizations of every description. He provides Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Business Process Improvement, and Dynamic Profiling sessions for management teams worldwide.

Carol Rhodes

Business Manager

Carol is the Business Manager at X-Stream Leadership Group. She has over twenty-five years of experience in IT combined with experience as a helpdesk contact for the 3rd shift operations AS/400. She was the Senior Computer Operator for West Pharmaceutical Services for two decades, and has since joined the X-Stream Leadership Group in its mission to help you Achieve What You Were Created to Become.

Genia Strawser

Manager of Scheduling and Training Services

Genia Strawser is the Manager of Scheduling and Training Services for the X-Stream Leadership Group. Genia is the central point of contact between our team members and our clients. She facilitates training sessions, meetings, televideo conferences, and conversations at times mutually convenient and effective for all parties.

Genia was the central interface for Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville, Florida, for the public and the staff. She ensured and facilitated effective communications that were central to the operation of the hospital. She also provided administrative support for the Emergency Department. She provided administrative support for Records and Patient Documentation. Earlier in her career, she was the night auditor for Jameson Inn, working to coordinate the needs of the guests while managing the facilities and coordinating data entry and metrics analysis for the operation.

Genia has managed creative projects that were complex and resource intensive. Her peers and her community have recognized her exceptional results. She is truly the “face” of the X-Stream Leadership Group!

Sarah Del Grosso

Copy Editor and Writer

Sarah is the founder and CEO of For the Love of Grammar. She works with individuals and organizations to provide copy editing and proofreading services. She is honored to be a part of the X-Stream Leadership Group and looks forward to working with J.R. McGee and the team for years to come. She has been working with the team to design and launch the new website that captures the passion and professionalism of the organization. She looks forwarding to continuing to work on more projects with the X-Stream Leadership Group team.

Sarah holds degrees in Journalism and American Studies from Rider University. As the Office Manager for Exact Solar, a solar energy installation company that serves New Jersey and Pennsylvania, she spends her days passionately fighting climate change and transitioning homes and businesses to clean energy.



JR is an absolute genius and is able to transfer his understanding to others. If you get a change to attend any of his training, do not walk, but run to sign up!

JR and his team of super stars are consumate professionals in their field. From government to corporate, they will get you squared away.