Leadership Academy

We have dedicated our lives to transforming ordinary people into world-class leaders who have the skills to go out and help others do the same. Our Leadership Academy provides your future leadership team with the content that we wish we had been taught when we were middle managers.

The Skills You Need to Succeed

These aren’t your average leadership courses. While theory is important, we believe that practical application of concepts is crucial to developing effective leaders and becoming a world-class organization. You can’t learn leadership through PowerPoint presentations. Our leadership curriculum is designed to help teach you leadership skills through practical, hands-on application. Through real-world examples, scenarios, case studies, and hands-on sessions, we ensure that your team will be able to return to the workplace and immediately begin to utilize their new skills and techniques.

We have designed each of our modules to be extremely flexible and highly adaptable for each client’s requirements. For clients who desire internal sessions and have more than 8 students enrolled, we will work with you before the class begins to customize the module to include the client’s acronyms, vocabulary, and examples to ensure students immediately grasp the practical application of the material into their work environment. Assessment and measurement functions are built into the learning programs to assure your students’ understanding of the learning concepts.

Customizable Courses

We have twenty modules that can be custom tailored for your unique leadership development needs. Each module can be taught in four-hour, eight-hour, sixteen-hour, twenty-four-hour, or forty-hour increments. Additional modules can be custom designed upon request.

Baseline modules are listed below. Additional modules can be developed or modules can be combined to create customized learning solutions specifically tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us to find out more about our Leadership Development Program & Training Courses.



JR is an absolute genius and is able to transfer his understanding to others. If you get a change to attend any of his training, do not walk, but run to sign up!

JR and his team of super stars are consumate professionals in their field. From government to corporate, they will get you squared away.