Why Us?

X-Stream Leadership Group provides companies with the tools to surpass their competition and achieve true world-class performance. Do you know the ACB’s for Leadership Success? Achieve What You Were Created to Become.® Our team of highly skilled business improvement practitioners are here to help your organization do just that.

We aren't your average leadership consultation group. We work side-by-side with your team to create and implement unique solutions to your organization’s problems. Our experiences leading and managing teams—from Military Special Forces to Fortune 25 companies—help us push you to be the best in your industry. Our tailored trainings set your team up for long-term success. While most process improvements fail or only provide short-term results, a measured 74% of our change initiatives are successfully sustained for 12+ months.

As a Strategic Organizational Leadership and Transformation solutions provider, we offer a diverse range of executive coaching services, business transformation and process improvement training and facilitation, leadership development, and dynamic profiling designed to meet each of your unique business needs.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

X-Stream Leadership Group works with companies who are looking to:

  • Become the best in their industry
  • Significantly exceeds customer needs and expectations
  • Build, bond, and lead tighter more cohesive teams
  • Provide higher performance, greater satisfaction, and unbelievable results

About Our Team

X-Stream Leadership Group specializes in providing business process consulting services that target leadership gaps through our X-Stream Leadership Challenge, which pushes executives to become efficient and cooperative leaders. Our Dynamic Profiling enables us to identify the problem areas in your company and design tailor-made methodologies to address them.

X-Stream Leadership Group business improvement consultants specialize in welding C-Suite executives into a cohesive leadership team. Our methodologies are not limited to a particular industry or business - our model works for any business, in any industry. View Testimonials. Our passion is to partner with leadership teams and businesses to achieve new heights in profitability, efficiency and creatively. Our diverse range of experiences ensures that we can develop tailored content and delivery that has a better than 70% track record in sustaining changes 12 months or more. This compares to typical process improvements which fail or are not sustained the majority of the time.



JR is an absolute genius and is able to transfer his understanding to others. If you get a change to attend any of his training, do not walk, but run to sign up!

JR and his team of super stars are consumate professionals in their field. From government to corporate, they will get you squared away.