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X-Stream Leadership Group is an organization of experienced, passionate, world-class, business executives and Master Black Belt practitioners driven to help our clients become the very best-of-the-best in their target market.

Structured Strategy For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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Team Building and Development:

X-Stream Leadership Group provides team building and classroom training sessions
to help develop your Leadership Team including:

  1. Building High Performance Work Teams
  2. Overcoming Resistance and Sustaining Change
  3. Learning to successfully prioritize work-based action items and objectives
  4. Successful negotiation techniques
1. Building High Performance Work Teams

“I have known J.R. McGee and his team since 2001 and have used his services on a variety of projects including: •Lean/Six Sigma training and certification of employees and staff as Green Belts •Lean and rapid improvement projects to reduce cycle and lead times across our business systems resulting in thousands in cost savings •Kaizen Events •System & Process Audits •Process improvements •Management coaching and mentoring… J.R.’s a true professional and his charisma, enthusiasm and energy is contagious. He is an excellent speaker and knows how to keep the audience’s attention. I recommend J.R. and the X-Stream Leadership Group Team to anyone who is looking to improve the performance
of their business.
July 15, 2011

Darren Paulson
Quality Assurance AltaSens Inc. A subsidiary of Olympus Camera - Japan

X-Stream Leadership Group has several Leadership Development courses available, including a 4-hour “getting to know the team” session to multi-day/multi-week courses that can be structured to involve low ropes sessions, team building exercises, team challenges with competition between different work groups, and other exciting opportunities to grow and develop your team's effectiveness. These courses are specifically designed to help teams learn to trust each other and are conducted off-site. Our instructors will work with your teams to design a course that assists custom challenges.

The outcome of the X-Stream Leadership Groupteam training is to develop high performance / smoothly functioning teams that learn to not only improve their individual skills but more importantly, to depend on each other to achieve their organization’s goals.

The most important aspects of developing a High Performance Work Team are:

The hallmark of a High Performance Work Team is a clear focus on specific goals and objectives.

Understanding that objectives have to be delivered and actions have to be completed when promised.

Your membership in the Team carries an expectation that you will meet your obligations and commitments; the discipline to meet goals and objectives without excuse or delay.

A Clear, Unambiguous Understanding of What Constitutes Success:
Setting up clear and unambiguous definitions to determine what constitutes acceptable success.

We also provide specific training to teach your organization how to create an effective environment to develop High Performance Work Teams. This includes training courses focused on:

  • How to motivate people
  • How to create the desire to excel
  • How to create high standards and clear expectations
  • How to make decisions and achieve progress
  • How to identify and execute metrics for organizational success
2. Overcoming Resistance and Sustaining Change

As you wander back to your office, you can’t quit thinking about the exchange you just experienced with a person you very much need to help you implement your new idea. As you explained your new idea or initiative they responded very negatively. It became clear that the individual you really need to be successful is not only unsupportive of what you are trying to do, they let you know they are going to actively oppose your plan! You are now bewildered and a little bit discouraged. The only thing you are sure of is that the other person is not going to “budge” an inch and you can’t afford to fail!

You have just experienced the “Battle of the Budge”!

We will work with you and your team to teach them personality profiling to help them see the world through the eyes to those they must influence, the Three Levels of Resistance, and the types of behaviors that individuals and groups often utilize to fight change. The class will work with your team to teach them techniques to overcome these resistive behaviors while achieving change and to gain greater support for their ideas and projects. The techniques we will teach your employees will significantly improve their chances for success and enable your organization to implement change faster and more effectively!

3. Learning to Successfully Prioritize Work-based Action Items and Objectives

This two-day class provides your leadership with specific skills, techniques, and ideas that help them learn how to quickly and effectively prioritize action items, workload, goals and objectives, while balancing their busy schedules. We will showcase specific tools leaders can use to prioritize dozens of items in minutes including the ability to effectively assign tasks and improve company-wide and personal productivity.

4. Successful Negotiation Techniques

This class provides training and real-world examples of how to conduct highly effective negotiating strategies that create a win-win outcome for both parties. The most effective and long lasting agreements are structured so that both parties feel they achieved their key objectives.

  • We work with your leaders to teach them how to provide reliable data before the first negotiating exchange takes place.
  • We show you how to develop a strategy for how you play your “chips”.
  • We show you how to analyze the situation from the other side of the table.
  • We teach you methods and techniques to reduce tensions and stress.
  • We work with your leaders to create an environment for success.


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