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We should be more excited about what we can become…than we are
proud of who we are!

This perfectly describes
X-Stream Leadership Group
and those we truly enjoy working with and around!

Structured Strategy For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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X-Stream Leadership Group - Resources

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The Coach's Corner
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Speaking Engagements

ASQ 2016 Audit Conference, 20-21 October
Memphis, TN

ASQ 2016 Rocky Mountain Chapter Quality Virtual Conference, 4 November
Denver, CO

ASQ 2017 Lean Six Sigma World Conference, 29-30 March 2017
Nashville, TN

Educational and Professional Articles and White Papers
Come and join the hundreds of business executives that
have taken advantage of our online resources.

World-Class Performance Group

  1. What is "World-Class" ...REALLY?
  2. Achieving True Excellence OR Just Another
    "Flavor of the Month"?
  3. Achieving World-Class Performance in a Multi National/Multi Cultural Environment
  4. People…The ULTIMATE Competitive Advantage!
  5. Metrics: Friend or Foe?
  6. Field of Dreams
  7. Attaining Team Excellence
  8. Business Process Improvement - Building a World Class Organisation

Leadership Group

  1. Middle Management Survival Guide
  2. Myth Busting Leadership VS Management
  3. Getting Through to Management
  4. Winning the Battle of the Budge
  5. Leadership: Getting and Giving the Call To Action
  6. Yes…It Really IS All About You!
  7. Event Savings Methodolgies
  8. Dynamic Profiling - The Next Generation of Personality Profiling
  9. The X-Stream Leadership Challenge: Not Your Typical Leadership Training Program!
  10. Leadership Development Program & Training Courses - Breaking the Code on Effectively Sustaining Change (Part 1 of 4)
  11. Leadership Development Program & Training Courses - Breaking the Code on Effectively Sustaining Change (Part 2 of 4)
  12. Breaking the Code on Effectively Sustaining Change (Part 3 of 4)
  13. Breaking the Code on Effectively Sustaining Change Part 4: Lessons Learned for Overcoming Resistance to Change
  14. Leadership vs Management Part 1: Mythbusting (PART 1 of 3)
  15. Leadership vs Management Part 1: Mythbusting (PART 2 of 3)
  16. Leadership vs Management Part 1: Mythbusting (PART 3 of 3)

Capabilities Group

  1. Advanced Visual Management
  2. Government Cashes in on Quality
  3. Single Minute Exchange of Die
  4. Total Productive Maintenance
  5. Quality Management
  6. Sustainment…The Final Frontier
  7. I should Have Learned To Play The Piano
  8. Using Measurement System Analysis For The Soft Stuff

Metric Catalogue

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