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X-Stream Leadership Group has extensive experience working with business executives across a full spectrum of markets and department disciplines to help them achieve their strategic quality goals.

Structured Strategy For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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Quality Management System Development

We can provide world-class Quality Management professionals with many years of experience writing and developing Quality Management Systems to create the perfect approach to fit your business and your special needs. Don’t settle for a “canned” or “off-the-shelf” approach that force fits you into a model that may not support your special business requirements.

We can develop a professional and compliant Quality Management System with a safety component, or an environmental component, or any combination that suits your needs and requirements. There are several methodologies that will help you both improve your business and accurately measure that improvement. We recommend that you select procedures and techniques for their usefulness and their application for your unique requirements. We will partner with you to select the appropriate approach for your business.

We understand the similarities and the differences between government entities, production, and service industries. We bridge the gaps between these apparently disparate management cultures with extensive domestic and international experience working with organizations of many different types and industries. We also have experience in guiding successful quality system registrations for organizations that never handle any material or parts at all.

We helped develop the Quality Management System for an AS9100-certified aerospace government contractor that had no product returns or late deliveries for seven consecutive years. That same plant also manufactured diverse temperature sensors and electronic devices for nuclear, aircraft, and commercial space-flight applications. The rigor of near-perfection must and can be passed on to your entire supply chain.

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