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The X-Stream Leadership Challenge: Not Your Typical Leadership Training Program!

This is part of the ACB’s of True Leadership…helping you Achieve what you were Created to Become!™

The ability to effectively manage a team in any industry is a very valuable skill to have. Unfortunately, many people lack basic leadership skills, which has given way to a thriving leadership training industry. However, most cookie cutter programs only touch on the basics, and the lessons are often forgotten before practical application can be implemented within the team environment. The X-Stream Leadership Group has taken leadership training to a whole new level of interactive learning through the X-Stream Leadership Challenge.

It’s all part of the ACB’s of True Leadership…helping you Achieve what you were Created to Become!™

100% Active Participation

Hands-on learning and a dynamic debriefing methodology is the keystone for the X-Stream Leadership Challenge. They believe that true leadership is "25% taught and 75% caught." Using years of professional experience training ultra-high performance teams like Special Forces and Fighter Pilots, the team at the X-Stream Leadership Group has designed this program to force groups to work together as a team to solve increasingly difficult real world problems. Each task is specifically designed to require an entire team to solve the problem instead of “heroic individuals” while highlighting individual strengths and weaknesses. Each challenge requires teamwork and influence to improve those skills and teach more effective communication techniques.

Real World Application

A leadership training program is only as good as its application after the fact. With a 73% success ratio for sustainable long term results in changing behaviors and achieving results, the X-Stream Leadership Group provides real skills, and practical application of those skills to improve team work, leadership skills, and overcome personal challenges. Throughout the program, you can expect to learn:

  • How to effectively lead a team for fast results.
  • How to build your team and use their strengths to benefit the whole.
  • "Bleeding Edge" leadership skills that go far beyond the dated "trust fall" methods.
  • How to develop your leadership skills to the fullest.

X-Stream Leadership Challenge is designed to highlight personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide valuable leadership and teamwork skills. Upon successful completion of the hands-on leadership training program, you will:

  • Have an understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have the skills to develop and implement cutting-edge ideas quickly.
  • Improve communication during high stress tasks and situations.
  • Develop a specific developmental action item plan to be carried out during the following year.

The Gift of Leadership

Throughout the program, the X-Stream Leadership Challenge will also explore the concept that leadership is a gift given to you by your followers, and how to use this to your advantage by teaching you:

  • When and how to use effective communication.
  • When to use motivation vs. when to direct.
  • How to use shared adversity to encourage tight bonds within a team.
  • How to develop an individual project leadership profile.

Using an active approach to leadership training, the experts at the X-Stream Leadership Group are dedicated to the ACB’s of True Leadership…helping you Achieve what you were Created to Become!™ To learn more about the X-Stream Leadership Challenge, contact the experts at the X-Stream Leadership Group today!

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