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We should be more excited about what we can become…than we are
proud of who we are!

This perfectly describes
X-Stream Leadership Group
and those we truly enjoy working with and around!

Structured Strategy For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
These are process improvement methodologies that have changed the way organizations do business. > Learn More
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LIVE webinar Series

Each Webinar is tailored to study a critical aspect of business leadership, human behavior, or organizational dynamics. Each Webinar will also identify several world-class examples and examine them to learn the common characteristics and management approaches, and how we can transform your team into a world-class organization. Each Webinar is $149.95. For Group Pricing Rates, please contact Alma McGee at 484-941-3877 or ajmcgee@x-slg,com

“What is World-Class…REALLY???”

We hear and read every day about World-Class…We have the banners that say we will BE world-class and the “Provider of Choice” but what does that REALLY mean? In a world full of organizations that claim be the “World-class provider of”…why are so many of them mediocre? How do we identify the principles and behaviors that turn a team of ordinary people into the envy of the world? Read more>

“Winning the Battle of the Budge”or
Overcoming Middle Management Resistance to Change

You and your team have identified a new process, developed solutions to the problems, tested to make certain it works, and have gotten approval from Upper Management! But the supervisor for that area won’t “budge” an inch! How can you convince people to make these changes and how can you sustain the changes for the future? Read more>

I Should Have Learned How to Play the Piano

Are you feeling tired and inadequate in your current position? Hate to get out of bed in the morning and go in to work? Do you spend a lot of time on Monster.com trying to find something that sounds more fun or rewarding to do? It may not be the job, or the company at all – it may be a mismatch between your personality type and your occupation! Read more>

Attaining Team Excellence

How many times have you chosen to join a team, or been asked to join a team, only to find out that some of the personalities on the team make it impossible to get any work done. Have you ever tried to lead a team of co-workers and compared the effort to herding cats? What makes the difference between good team leaders and great team leaders? Read more>

Don’t Just Plan It, Make Excellence Happen Now

Many of the companies we hear about today are advertising that they are doing six, twelve or even twenty Kaizens or rapid improvement events every month. Yet, when pressed to see the “before” and “after” states, are quick to explain that the “after” state will not be in place until all of the action items are completed – twelve months or so down the road. Read more>

Leadership: Giving and Getting the Call for Action

In working with many different companies in all types of industries during the past year or so, I believe I’ve noticed some new trends among the work force. We all know that career-long loyalty to any one company had been a fading ideal for many years now – mostly due to the new reality of global mergers of companies, buy-outs, restructuring and doing more with less. Read more>

Sustainment: The Final Frontier

For the past ten or fifteen years, companies have been jumping on the Lean/Six Sigma bandwagon, spending millions of dollars in the pursuit of “Perfection”. What have you been able to sustain from all of the events and changes made to processes – for your entire Lean/Six Sigma Program implementation? Read more>

Using Measurement System Analysis for the Soft Stuff

Most employees don't like performance appraisal time - and most Managers dread it even more. It's such a great way to bring down the morale in any company. This presentation will be an interactive look at using Measurement System Analysis to manage the people side of the business. Read more>

People…The Ultimate Competitive Advantage!

We have all heard it…the corporate “value” that states so piously “Our People Are Our Greatest Asset”. We have also seen (more than we care to admit) the banners and slogans that talk about employee “Empowerment”! But let’s be honest here…how many times do we actually see organizations managing the business to these standards? Read more>

A Middle Management Survival Guide

As Middle Managers, we often find ourselves in unique (and sometimes uncomfortable) situations where we receive “incoming fire” from all directions every day. We have to deal with impossible demands from above, limited or no support from below, tight budgets, and unreasonable customer demands. Yet, we are held directly responsible for the critical success of the organization! Sound familiar? Read more>

Achieving World-Class Performance
In a Multi-National/Multi-Cultural Team Environment

You find yourself coming out of a meeting where your boss informed you (and everyone else) that you have just been promoted! Due a merger between your company and another business, you are now the leader of a global team. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to develop a world-class, high performance work team utilizing combined personnel from several countries and multiple cultures. Piece of cake, right? Read more>

Metrics Friend or Foe

Our focus for this webinar is to examine our data and metrics and then ask ourselves some critical questions that will lead us to determine if we do indeed have the proper metrics focus. This can be one of the most basic (and boring) topics in the world of business management. But few things are as critical to your success! Read more>


Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy: A webinar registration fee will be fully refunded, less any PayPal fee, if the participant’s cancellation is received 10 business days in advance of the start date. A webinar registration fee will be 50% refunded, less any PayPal fee, if the participant’s cancellation is received less than 10 days but more than 2 business days in advance of the start date. A webinar registration fee will not be refunded, if the participant’s cancellation is received with less than two business days in advance of the scheduled start date for the webinar.

Cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail (ajmcgee@x-slg.com), fax (610-705-1892
ATTN: AJ McGee), or by U.S. mail (1248 Queen Street, Pottstown, Pa, 19464 ATTN: AJ McGee.)
No refunds will be made for requests received after that time. Refunds will be issued in the same form payment was made. Please allow two weeks for processing. Registrants who cancel will not receive webinar materials.”

Refund Policy: Other than for the refund of the seminar registration fee, X-Stream Leadership Group, LLC shall not be liable for the inability to present a seminar, when such inability is attributable to labor troubles, disputes or strikes, accidents, government (federal, state or local) regulations of or restrictions upon travel or transportation, riots, national emergencies, acts of God and other Force Majeure causes whether enumerated herein or not which are beyond the reasonable control of X-Stream Leadership Group, LLC.

Substitution Policy: A substitute may attend the webinar in lieu of the registrant.

J. R. McGee
Managing Partner and CEO
1248 Queen Street, Pottstown PA 19464
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