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Our Mission is to ensure that we,
and our clients, are better today than we were yesterday…but not NEARLY as good as we are going to be tomorrow!

Our Strategy to achieve this Mission
is to work like we train, and
to train like we work.

Structured Strategy
For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
These are process improvement methodologies that have changed the way organizations do business. > Learn More

LEAN Six Sigma Theory of Constraints (LST) Maturity Path

LEAN Six Sigma Maturity Path

No Single Methodology Solves Every Problem for Every Organization!©

These are process improvement methodologies that have changed the way organizations do business.

Continuous Improvement

  • Advanced statistical, analytical, & problem solving tools (Six Sigma) & LST process support day to day activities of front line workers
  • Supervisors and Managers serve as coaches and teachers to facilitate Continuous Improvement process
  • High level of employee involvement & satisfaction is sustained

Flow & Pull Systems

  • Production lines & Transactional processes are laid out to flow with minimal disruptions (exits, skips, reversals) to flow
  • Material is provided and presented via appropriate pull systems
  • Strategic inventory (PAR Levels) are established & maintained
  • KANBAN’s are established

TAKT, Standard Work & 6S

  • TAKT time versus cycle time is analyzed for all operations
  • Lines are balanced to TAKT
  • Standard work is established and followed by all employees
  • 5S Plus Safety is institutionalized including initial Visual Management techniques

Waste and Variation Identified, & Process Velocity & Instability Addressed

  • LEAN and Theory of Constraints methodology implemented with problem identification, root cause analysis, and corrective action system established
  • Instabilities (quality, equipment downtime, part shortages, manpower) are addressed
  • Increased level of employee involvement / ownership of processes and results
  • Identification and correction of systemic issues

Leadership, Management & Communication Systems

  • Clear Vision and ultimate goals & objectives established by leadership
  • Strategic Plan established and clearly communicated
  • Change Management & Resistance to Change behaviors clearly understood
  • Daily execution monitored with effective metrics & LST processes emphasized

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