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X-Stream Leadership Group provides executive coaching and leadership development for successful organizations around the world. Now it’s time you put our expertise to work for your team.

Structured Strategy For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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X-Stream Leadership Group Leadership Academy

Not your typical leadership development program! No death by Powerpoint!

The X--Stream Leadership Group philosophy is that while theory is important, the practical application of the concepts and techniques is crucial to retention and successful application. “Leadership is 25% taught and 75% caught!”

While others may be able to talk about the latest in “leadership theories”, we utilize our unique experiences with truly world-class organizations and Ultra High Performance Work Teams to build and deliver the very finest educational experience for your future leadership team. The titles of class modules may be “typical,” but the content is most assuredly not! We’ve designed these leadership development courses to provide the information and techniques we wish we’d been taught when we were middle managers to be a world class leader.

Class content is heavily focused on relevant examples and specific applications that help the students know when and where to use them as well as the traditional “what to use” fundamentals. We include real-world examples, scenarios, simulations, case studies, role play, and “hands on” practice sessions that allow your people to actually develop and use the skills they will need to be successful in the workplace. Learning and practicing in a controlled environment gives students a better probability of success in the real world! Your people will be able to go back to the workplace and immediately begin to utilize the new skills and techniques to ensure you can see an immediate ROI.

We have designed each of our modules to be extremely flexible and highly adaptable for each client’s requirements. For clients who desire internal sessions and have more than 8 students enrolled, we will work with you before the class begins to customize the module to include the client’s acronyms, vocabulary, and examples to ensure students immediately grasp the practical application of the material into their work environment. Assessment and measurement functions are built into the learning programs to assure your students’ understanding of the learning concepts.

Baseline modules listed below. Additional modules can be developed or modules can be combined to create customized learning solutions specifically tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us to find out more about our Leadership Development Program & Training Courses– let’s talk!

“J.R. McGee is a passionate, knowledgeable, determined Master Black Belt leader. He works tirelessly for the benefit of his clients and students. When J.R. makes a commitment, you can count on 110% follow-through.
J.R.'s work is second to none.”
August 22, 2011

Doug Norkus
Payload Operations Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Modules 1 - 5
Modules 6 - 10
Modules 11 - 15
Modules 16 - 20
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