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Leadership Training - Module 6 - 10
6. Dealing with Difficult Employees
You didn’t HIRE difficult employees, so what drove them to turn to this behavior? This course is about determining root causes of their behavior and developing effective ways for you to understand, respond and resolve. This course will discuss what an organization needs to do to get all employees working toward the same strategic goals and objectives. It will involve innovative simulations and some role-playing as each participant practices dealing with a disgruntled employee. Each participant will learn several new techniques and insights to deal with multiple specific disruptive or inappropriate behaviors to improve your ability to successfully manage your team.
7. Pay for Performance Compensation Strategies (P4P)
P4P has become a hot topic in the business world and in government organizations. This course will look at pilots and implementations that are currently underway or in place, the benefits achieved by those pilots, the lessons learned to include evaluating how to implement this in your workplace while balancing ethics versus results. This class will practice defining quality indicators and measures for developing an effective P4P system. The course is designed to assist you in determining if P4P is right for your organization and how to tie P4P to your strategic plan.
8. Managing Financial Performance for Non-Financial Managers
Far too many new managers receive P&L statements or financial reports without fully understanding the information they contain or how to use the data to make effective decisions. Students will gain an understanding of how to read these reports, interpret their meaning, and develop the ability to use the data to make effective decisions. In addition to understanding financial metrics and reporting, we help the student understand and speak the language of Return On Investment and Business Operations. Exercises will include defining financial concepts such as “The Big Five” Cost, Sales, Orders, ROIC and EBIT; defining how financials are gathered for an organization and practice in setting up effective program management plans for your organization. We will also provide training on the how-to of setting up and managing a specific budget for their area of responsibility.
9. Succession Planning
Understanding how to identify, evaluate, and grow talent to assume greater roles and responsibilities in your organization is a critical skill for the business leader. Identifying what is required to perform all the tasks and capabilities for the role is only the first part of the equation! Who is going to understand all of the tasks and responsibilities of that person - it's usually much more than the job description. Many times, we look for someone to train to replace us who has a personality exactly like our own. We will discuss the pros and cons of that strategy, and map the job responsibilities and your organizational needs to the Wilson Social Styles. Also in this course students will learn how to accomplish this critical task and practice developing a succession plan for their organizational role, with milestones for training, piloting, etc.
10. Effective Communication Skills:
Employees at your organization need to be able to communicate effectively up the chain of command as well as down the chain of command. What is often overlooked is the ability to effectively communicate with one’s peers across the organization. All of these are essential for one to be successful in today’s environment. We will cover the many different styles of communicating as well as strengths and weaknesses of each. In addition to learning effective techniques of multi-media communications, this course will give students practice in developing presentations, using effective presentation skills, and practice in presenting material while being videotaped. Videotaping with feedback is one of the most valuable tools in learning who you are in front of a group, including your manner of speaking, dress, and those annoying little habits you don't even know you have. Each student will receive feedback from the entire class as well as the instructor, and the video tape will be given to the student.
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