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Structured Strategy For Success
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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Leadership Training - Module 16 - 20
16. LEAN, Six Sigma Overview:
Students will be given an understanding of the time-tested principles of LEAN, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints, and how they are inter-related in providing the most effective transformation to Process Improvement in support of your organization's LEAN Six Sigma initiative. It is our belief that all of the above programs are merely tools in one large tool box. This course will look at many of those tools and when it is appropriate to use a LEAN tool versus a Six Sigma tool versus a Theory of Constraints tool. The training is centered around the simulation of a project where participants are presented with a process baseline that contains large amounts of rework, travel, paperwork and waste. They are then given some basic tools of Lean and Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints and given a chance to LEAN the process, get rid of the bottlenecks and take the variation out of the process to show the power of those tools.
17. Basic Human Resources (HR) Law:

Students will learn about Business Law as it pertains to HR and the key insights into understanding the most common aspects that impact and affect managers and leaders today. We will examine the key elements of the rules and regulations that they need to fully understand in order to make effective decisions and remain in compliance with the legal environment. This course can be easily modified to comply with each state, a well as local laws and regulations for a specific client or area. We can work to ensure that specific areas of concern or need are addressed in the course as appropriate and desired for your organization or your student.

18. Understanding and Applying HR Policies:
Students will learn how to apply and implement the complex and often confusing array of rules and regulations they face in the course of normal day-to-day work. Case studies and examples will be used to help the student fully understand why these policies are needed and how they will help the organization achieve their objectives within the structures and boundaries established. The student should progress from seeing these regulations as “roadblocks” and “constraints” to an understanding that these tools and guidelines can help all succeed and prosper. This course can be easily modified to comply with each specific client or geographical area. We can work to ensure that specific areas of concern or specific policies and procedures are addressed in the course as appropriate and desired.
19. Hiring for Success:
We all have experienced the disappointment of a hiring decision that “just didn’t work out”. Students will learn a structured approach to ensuring your organization hires the right candidate for the right position. They will learn how to: verify / validate the need for a new hire; determine the “urgency” for the position; multiple methods of posting / advertising for candidates; reviewing / selecting candidates for an interview; preparing for and conducting an effective interview; evaluating the results after all the interviews; conducting the follow up interview; making an offer; do’s and don’ts after the acceptance; preparing for and minimizing the “six month slump” and eliminating “buyer’s remorse” on the part of your new hire!
20. Effective Time Management:
In a world of often conflicting requirements, shrinking time lines, and accelerating change, figuring out how to de-conflict the chaos and making the most of your time, efforts, and energy is more critical today than ever before! Studies have shown that a typical manager has around 15 minutes to deal with any one crisis before the next one is on the phone or at his/her door. As we all know, being a manager is not just about managing crises – it’s supposed to be about developing our people. This course will help you understand your personal productivity; implement a values-based time management strategy, and how to best focus your energies. We provide you with effective techniques to effectively plan your day, week, and month based on your personal goals and objectives as well as your bosses, and the organizational goals. Students will practice time management planning for their own roles and responsibilities at your organization.
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