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X-Stream Leadership Group provides executive coaching and leadership development for successful organizations around the world. Now it’s time you put our expertise to work for your team.

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Leadership Training - Module 1 - 5
1. Leadership 101
This class provides a clear definition of what constitutes effective leadership and examines the roles and responsibilities of a leader, the characteristics of effective leadership, and the key attributes any leader should possess. We will examine highly effective leaders such as those found in Special Forces, various industries, and well known and respected social and political leaders to examine what works and what you should avoid at all costs. We conduct an interactive discussion of the differing traits of leaders (visionaries and innovators) and contrast that with managers (goal oriented and results driven), the responsibilities of both, and when each style is appropriate. We explore in depth the concept that “True Leadership is the Exercise of Influence in the Absence of Authority”©. The class will include exercises and discussions about several key aspects of leadership and how to learn and develop these skills and traits.
2. Management 101:
This class examines the role and responsibilities of a manager, the characteristics of successful management, and the key attributes that ensure effective and efficient utilization of resources, talent, and time to accomplish specific goals and objectives. In today’s changing business environment, it is no longer enough for a Manager to meet the old trifecta of cost, schedule and quality. Those are still important, but with customers’ ever increasing options, and their growing demand to “be in the know”, a good manager cannot win new business – or maintain existing contracts without going beyond what has always worked in the past. This course will discuss those additional requirements and how to satisfy them. Powerful simulations and exercises teach practical skills in prioritizing limited resources and conflicting requirements. Personality profiling skills are taught with emphasis on practical applications to help the student learn to effectively manage their employees, as well as influence their boss and peers to ensure greater success. Do’s and Don’ts from Lessons Learned are shared with the class and with each other to gain greater insight into how to manage effectively in almost any situation.
3. Understanding and Using Organizational Culture
Your organization has a unique and dynamic culture that has developed over time based on past leadership styles, old habits, and workforce comprised of people who have been there for 20+ years as well as newer and younger employees with a decidedly different set of values. This culture sets the norms for employee attitudes and performances, and can make or break a company as it strives to achieve world class performance. Understanding the overall culture, with both individual and organizational ethics, and learning how to change the culture from the “old way” to the “new way” is critical. How you can accomplish this change while maintaining the highest ethical conduct as you are incorporating world class ideas and concepts into your organization is the basis of this course. Exercises include a survey on the culture as well as the perceived ethics of your organization.
4. Implementing Change Initiatives and Surviving the Resistance to Change
This course will begin with a discussion of all of the past and present initiatives undertaken by your organization and exploring Root Causes of the perceived successes/failures of each one. It will include the "five whys" technique to drill down on those failures and successes in order to ensure Lessons Learned are employed in the future implementation of any initiative in order to better guarantee success. Some of your Lessons Learned are guaranteed to be about resistance to change and effective change management. We will teach you how to recognize the Four Levels of Resistance and how to overcome them. Based on Rick Maurer's book on change resistance "Why Don't You Want What I Want", this course will include exercises on recognizing types of resistance, understanding the reason for the resistance, and handling the types of resistance, as well as a proven path to eliminate or mitigate resistance as you begin to implement your changes.
5. Identifying and working with Personality Types
Studies have proven that every individual has a preferred way to assimilate and convey information, as well as a preferred style of interacting with other people. This course will teach you how to conduct a personality assessment of yourself and others using the Wilson Social Styles for Personality Profiling. Along with learning your personality profile, you will learn a quick and effective way to determine other individual’s profiles and learn how to accommodate their styles. This accommodation includes learning how to communicate effectively with each of the Styles and why it is necessary to do so. We also teach you how to improve your ability to effectively deal with others in the organization (your leadership, peers, and subordinates), how to improve your ability to influence others to more effectively implement your ideas and projects.
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