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Would you rather be dependent on brilliant people working around broken processes… OR World Class processes that allow everyone in the organization to succeed?

Structured Strategy For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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What is this LEAN stuff?
What LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) is NOT is a passing fad or a cure-all for every situation. At its core, LSS is a philosophy and a change in how one manages their business and makes data-based decisions
Three rules:
1) Top management commitment
2) Middle management involvement & leadership
3) Everyone is involved

Does it work?
Extremely well!
Understanding your Customers’ needs and values, choosing the right projects to enhance that value and sustaining the changes

Does it fit my business?

It fits every business!
With more than 500 projects/events between the 2 principals, we have experienced gains in all industries – from food, drug, engineering, information, and prototype labs all the way to manufacturing companies

I’m already doing Six Sigma – do I need LEAN?

It makes absolutely no sense to take variation out of a step in a process using Six Sigma if the step is not value added to your customer in the first place! LEAN focuses on removing the waste, and then Six Sigma can work on eliminating variation in the steps that are left.

Which comes first – Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints or LEAN?

LEAN, or a mixture of LEAN and Theory of Constraints
See the answer above, on why LEAN is needed

How does Theory of Constraints fit in?

TOC works on improving or eliminating bottlenecks in the process, much as LEAN works on improving flow and pull. The two work together quite well.
Green Belts and Black Belts will use all of the tools to improve your company’s processes.

This stuff is only for the “Big Boy’s” and large companies.
I’m too small to use or afford this now…

We work with every size organization. We have clients with as few as 7 – 10 employees total and up to Fortune 25 corporations…and everyone in between!
We work with you and your specific needs to customize a solution to address exactly what you need and to do so within a budget you can afford.


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