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X-Stream Leadership Group is an organization of experienced, passionate, world-class, business executives and Master Black Belt practitioners driven to help our clients become the very best-of-the-best in their target market.

Structured Strategy For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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X-Stream Leadership Group Executive Coaching

“I first met JR at an ASQ conference …Such was the impression that he made on me in that presentation and subsequent conversations that when my employer suggested that I would benefit from an executive/leadership coach JR was the first person that came to mind. In the year that he was retained as my coach…I have learned more from JR on leadership, understanding people, and change management than I would have thought possible. The several graduate courses I have had on management were not as useful to me as an hour spent with JR. I continue to learn from him, both directly and through his writing and speaking appearances, which
I never miss if possible.”
July 19, 2011

Jack Pritchard
At X-Stream Leadership Group, the Executive Coaching approach is an interpersonal process that works very closely with an individual or with groups to facilitate positive change in behavior and develops new skills that enable the individual or groups to achieve greater success and achievement than would be possible on their own.

X-Stream Leadership Group firmly believes that True Leadership is the Use of Influence in the Absence of Authority©. Anyone can command action from those over whom they exercise authority or dominance. That is not leadership but simple compliance by intimidation. True leadership is the ability to engage others over whom you may or may not exert actual authority and convince them that a course of action or a decision is beneficial for them because of your ability to create a win-win situation for all parties concerned. We can coach you to incorporate this approach into your leadership style and technique!

Executive Coaching is a structured approach for developing capabilities or problem solving that focuses on improving the Leader’s / Client’s ability to lead their organization and work with others while developing them as a person. We accomplish this by:

““J.R. is a joy to work with. He clearly is an expert in the technical aspects of change (like Lean Six Sigma) but he also gets the human side as well. And that is a rare thing. And he is open to being influenced by colleagues and clients. Whenever I talk with J.R., I get inspired to do better work.” July 18, 2011

Rick Maurer
President, Maurer & Associates
  • Rapidly identifying improvement needs and development areas

  • Working with the Leader to establish specific goals and objectives to move to the next level of performance

  • Developing an effective action plan to change behavior and skill set

  • Monitoring the Leader’s / Client’s performance while working with them to establish positive behavior or a successful demonstration of new skills

  • Sustaining a positive change over the long-term.

Just like a coach/player relationship in sports, in order to initiate change you must first establish a relationship built on mutual trust. Before we begin any Executive Coaching course, our students must first appreciate these relationship rules and associated consequences.

The Golden Rules of a Coaching Relationship
  1. Coaching is all about YOU, but the coach must be closely tied to your activities during every step of the engagement.
  2. Coaching requires frank, honest feedback and openness between both parties.
  3. What is said between you and your coach STAYS between you and your coach.
  4. Coaches are not judges, they perform the role of a neutral facilitator.
  5. You will set the “Rules of Engagement”.
  6. You will set the priorities.
  7. You will be expected to hold yourself accountable for all actions; your coach is not there to play the role of your employees or boss.

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