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Dynamic Profiling - The Next Generation of Personality Profiling

Communication is at the heart of any successful corporate team effort. The better you can understand, analyze, and anticipate the actions of both teammates and customers, the better you can achieve the goals you've set forth.

Unfortunately, in the past, having this sort of insight into the people around you was nearly impossible. Sure, there are other personality tests, but those aren't really suited for a fast-paced business environment. Someone has to sit down and deliberately take the test, then wait for some outside analysis to come back with the results. We call those "static" personality tests, due to their practical limitations.

How does that help you in the middle of a vital meeting or a crucial sales call? How does that actually help build your team?

X-Stream Leadership Group has a new option: Dynamic Profiling.

Proven Personality Profiling for Team Building and World Class Business: Dynamic Profiling

We've spent thirty years developing a system that allows personality profiling without dealing with pre-written tests and remote analysis by strangers. Our Dynamic Profiling system can be understood by anyone, and allows you to evaluate the personality of those you're working with in as little as 10-15 minutes of natural conversation.

The next time you're chatting up a sales prospect, they won't even realize that every step of the way, you're gleaning key insights into their personality to help push that next sale.

Dynamic Profiling also represents the next generation of team building through accurate personality profiling.

With Dynamic Profiling, you can:

  • Significantly improve your ability to evaluate and adapt to situations as they develop, such as negotiations.
  • Identify key personality types and adjust your communications and outreach techniques to best reach them.
  • Learn to recognize the Three Levels of Resistance and overcome them, so those you work with will understand your ideas, like them, and like you.
  • Build better teams, based on your understanding of their psychology and motivations. No more mismatches causing more friction than fission.
  • Understand one of the key dichotomies in leadership: When to motivate vs. when to direct. With dynamic profiling, the question of macro-management vs. micro-management is practically a science.

The techniques developed by X-Stream Leadership Group have shown to have an astounding 73 percent success rate at changing corporate cultures for prolonged lengths of time. To learn more about X-Stream's next-generation system of personality profiling for team building, please contact us for more information.

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