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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
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Executive Overview of LST Management Training

X-Stream Leadership Group LST Management Training exposes the supervisors through mid-level management team to an understanding of the time-tested principles of LEAN, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints and how they are inter-related in providing the most effective transformation to Process Improvement. In addition to the tools and techniques, the training includes a simulation of business operations that replicates how your organization works to include all aspects of your operations and administrative production where participants are presented with a process baseline that contains large amounts of rework, travel, paperwork and waste. They are then re-acquainted with some basic tools of LEAN and Six Sigma and given a chance to both LEAN the process and take the variation out of the process to demonstrate to the participant the power of those tools.

Then the training moves to the different levels and sequencing of events, roles and responsibilities required for executive change agents who are expected to guide their organizations in the continuous improvement journey, and the metrics and discipline necessary for sustainment.

The LST Management training provided by X-Stream Leadership Group is based on three concepts:

• Leaders must be able to articulate who their specific Customers are and understand the process experiences against which their Customers are judging them.

• Leaders need to understand the methodology their teams will be using to improve the processes.

• There must be an understanding of the roles and responsibilities required of the Leadership in order to drive change into their organizations and the metrics and discipline needed to sustain the change these improvements will bring.

A generic agenda with the proposed outcome of each item is shown in Figure One. However, X-Stream Leadership Group proposes to spend enough preparation time with your team to be able to tailor this training with the proper terms and examples to enable the participants to link our training with the desired outcomes in your organization.

Our approach is based upon extensive experience with a multitude of business organizations, functions, and government agencies. Of particular interest to an organization might be the LEAN tools of flow and pull to reduce bottlenecks, the Six Sigma tools that reduce variation in the process as well as the information on sustaining change. Our training modules incorporate the use of adult-based learning theory and techniques to enhance retention of the training material.

The LST Management Training is the fundamental groundwork and introduction for your mid-level management team that prepares your organization for a full-up implementation of LEAN, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints within a company.

Figure 1
Agenda Item
Statapult Simulation End-to-End Simulation of a Process Improvement Event
What is LEAN Six Sigma Participants will understand the principles of process improvement as well as the benefits of reducing variation in process steps
Why Do LEAN Six Sigma Leadership will be shown examples of business models similar to their own, and gains obtained through the use of these tools
How Do You Do LEAN Six Sigma The principles of LEAN as well as the reduction of variation will be explained, then practiced using the statapult
Where Does The Theory of Constraints Fit? Participants will be made aware of how TOC fits with LEAN and six Sigma principles
Level and Sequence of Events Participants will learn the different levels of projects and events, and sequencing of high-level events to low-level events
Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership will gain an understanding of all the roles and responsibilities required in a LEAN Six Sigma implementation, especially what is expected of the leadership

Metrics and Sustainment

Participants will see examples of how other companies are insuring sustainment of the gains from a LEAN Six Sigma implementation and discuss which metrics making sure the sustainment of LEAN Six Sigma for your organization

Wrap-Up Feedback from the day of training as well as a discussion about the next steps for your group



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