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Training course overview

““J.R. and the entire X-Stream Leadership Group team are wonderful to work with and offer some of the best training and knowledge out there. Leading by example and providing excellence in all they do! Check
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February 2, 2011

Michele "Sheli" Kienle
Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist,
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We specialize in developing custom designed courses that specifically target your needs.  Our experience in creating and developing High Performance Work Teams was forged by working with the “Best-of-the-Best” military and civilian teams in existence today.  Our Executive Lean Leadership Training course is a one-day or two-day course that takes the Executive through a “Mini Event” that uses the tools and shows them specifically how this methodology will have significant impact in their business.  It teaches the roles and responsibilities of the Executive that are required to have a successful deployment and to maximize ROI.  This course has been extremely well received in both Government and commercial businesses.

X-Stream Leadership Group provides Master Black Belt Sensei’s that have been directly involved with training 10’s of thousands of Green Belts, several thousand Black Belts, and several dozen Master Black Belts.  One area of concern that we have observed in current training programs that there is a pattern of “unreasonable expectations”.  What do we mean by this?  There is a two-fold problem in that after a 1 – 2 week course for Green Belts, management fully expects them to be able to immediately begin to work on serious issues and successfully drive change in their business.  This expectation is even more pronounced after 2 – 4 weeks for Black Belt Training.  The second problem is that the students themselves leave the typical course dazed and confused by an “overload” of information and an “under load” of practical expertise to equip them for their first event.

The reality is that MOST courses do a very good job at familiarizing students with the vast array of tools and even when to apply them in some cases.  Yet we have seen time and time again that there is no focus at all on providing these students with the training and the experience required to facilitate a team through the difficult issue of how to use all these tools and the dynamics involved in team facilitation.  Learning how to lead a team in using the tools effectively and understanding how to sustain the changes and improvements is a MAJOR focus that X-Stream Leadership Group addresses in our training courses and is fundamental to our approach for equipping our students to be successful.  We specifically incorporate an “event” in our Green Belt and Black Belt Training Programs in order for them to gain that experience with Master Black Belt Sensei’s working with them side-by-side, who can coach and mentor them through this difficult phase of execution.  We train the students just like they are going to use the tools instead of simply imparting the “theory” and hoping all comes out ok.  Our philosophy is “Train like you work and work like you train”.

This approach is more difficult to accomplish yet it is far more effective in meeting the expectations of management that is paying for the course work and successfully equipping the students who want to succeed in their efforts to make a difference in their organizations.

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