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Green Belt Training

The Green Belt (GB) training provided by X-Stream Leadership Group can be structured for 6-days or 10 days. However, we believe the discriminator for X-Stream Leadership Group GB instruction is the project that the potential GB must accomplish during the course as opposed to completing a Project AFTER the course has been completed. We require the GB to present the results of their project at a formal Project Review Board to demonstrate real results, sustainability, and true value to the organization in order to receive Certification. As a result, you are realizing an immediate ROI on your training investment.

The project completion also addresses two concerns the X-Stream Leadership Group MBBs have heard voiced by many of our competitors’ Green Belts and their Executive Sponsors.

It is often heard from the Green Belt that they have certainly received all of the theory necessary to run a project or event, but they have no idea of how or where to start the execution phase. X-Stream Leadership Group's MBB will work with each student prior to class to assist them in defining a project; during the training to complete the project; and, after the class to close out the project and brief the results to the sponsoring organization. This is the only way certification of Green Belt status can be achieved.

It is also often heard from the sponsoring organization that the Green Belts received some number of hours of training, but seem ill equipped to actually assist the organization in making improvement happen. In fact, based on a study recently completed by the University of Michigan and presented at an American Society for Quality conference, the typical Green Belt project:

  • Took 3.4 months to complete
  • 11% of the projects were rejected for various reasons
  • Average savings ranged from $1k to $30K, with a split of 31% being “hard” savings, and 69% in “soft” savings.

This study was based on the U of M’s Green Belt program, which includes 40 hours of lecture, 21 tests and one project required for certification.

That study reinforces the feedback X-Stream Leadership Group has received concerning our competitors’ GB instruction material. Therefore, in order to ensure that your Green Belts are fully equipped and prepared to immediately begin demonstrating a positive impact on the strategic goals of their home organizations, our agenda will include in-class training, simulations, homework, tests, and a project. All Green Belt training incorporates and exceeds 100% of the 2009 American Society for Quality Body of Knowledge Requirements as well as additional essential modules.

The first half of the class is based on the Lean principles. X-Stream Leadership Group Master Black Belt Sensei’s or Senior Black Belts will be available to coach the GBs during this week via telecom for any items they feel they need help mastering.

As the second half of the class begins, the GBs are asked to brief the class and MBBs / SBBs with their Project progress to date, and how they intend to close out the project and sustain the improvements. This second half of the class is based on the identifications and elimination or reduction of variation using Six Sigma tools and includes lessons learned on why projects fail.

Completion of training is the first step to Green Belt certification through X-Stream Leadership Group. In order to receive the Certified Green Belt title and certificate, each candidate must also complete their project through total implementation, pass the written exam at an 80% or better level, and demonstrate true change agent behavior.


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