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LST Executive Leadership classes

““I had the opportunity to know JR McGee as an Instructor for “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” course at Drexel University. It was a pleasure to have him as a class teacher and a project mentor, because of his: (a) excellent oratory, (b) extraordinary conversation capability, (c) hands-on approach to solve problems, (d) passion as well as commitment to help people become world-class professionals.”
March 19, 2010

Anand Pillarisetti, PhD
Post Doctoral Researcher,
University of Pennsylvania

The X-Stream Leadership Group Executive Champion Leadership Training is a one-day or two-day event that exposes the Executive Champion to both the simulation of a project and the roles and responsibilities required for executive change agents who are expected to guide their organizations in the continuous improvement journey.

A generic agenda is shown in Figure One. However, X-Stream Leadership Group proposes to spend enough preparation time with any client’s leadership to be able to tailor this training with the proper terms and examples to enable the participants to link our training with the desired outcomes in their own organizations.

As the class starts to explore the first agenda item, “What is Lean/Six Sigma”, the Master Black Belts (MBBs) immediately engage the class by having them break into teams, and, using a training tool called “Gadget X” to simulate a process that has been handed to them to fix. This is the beginning of the project simulation used in the class to demonstrate what the Green Belts, Black Belts and other change agents in their organizations will be trying to accomplish through their lean/six sigma projects and events.

Once that baseline for the simulation has been established, the MBBs start the class through a discussion of the Lean principles, concentrating especially on the Voice of the Customer. Listening to the Customer, in turn, guides the class into a discussion of “Why do Lean/Six Sigma”.

The third item on the agenda is separated into two parts; Lean, and Six Sigma. X-Stream Leadership Group will first present the principles of Lean in a manner that compels the teams to go back to the simulation and eliminate the waste from the process. This involves the following:

Developing a charter for the project using goals provided by the MBBs Mapping the current process using two types of maps; logical and physical Brainstorming ideas for improving the process Mapping the future state based on those improvements Implementing those changes into the simulation process

Once most of the waste has been eliminated, the MBBs will share basic Six Sigma tools with the class. These are tools such as Rapid Feedback, Cause and Effect Diagrams, Standard Work, etc. After the use of these tools in variation reduction has been communicated, the teams go back to the simulation one final time to take the variation out of the steps remaining in the process. The simulation culminates with a contract award and tokens of appreciation for the team who does the best at meeting the Customer goals.

Once the simulation is complete, the MBBs begin training and discussion centered on an extremely important topic, “Roles and Responsibilities”. The roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Green Belt roles
  • Black Belt roles
  • Team Leader roles
  • Sponsor or Process Owner roles
  • Executive Champion roles

The entire class is built upon the Adult Based Learning Style which provides for all learning styles including visual, auditory, reflective and kinesthetic. X-Stream Leadership Group advocates participatory training, so the audience is encouraged to ask questions, share experiences or provide feedback during the entire class session. There is also a specific time at the end of the session for additional questions and concerns.

X-Stream Leadership Group provides feedback forms to every class member and uses the comments and ratings gathered to continually improve their training. Every form will be made available to the Client for review.

Figure 1
Agenda Item
Statapult Simulation End-to-End Simulation of a Process Improvement Event
What is LEAN Six Sigma Participants will understand the principles of process improvement as well as the benefits of reducing variation in process steps
Why Do LEAN Six Sigma Leadership will be shown examples of business models similar to their own, and gains obtained through the use of these tools
How Do You Do LEAN Six Sigma The principles of LEAN as well as the reduction of variation will be explained, then practiced using the statapult
Where Does The Theory of Constraints Fit? Participants will be made aware of how TOC fits with LEAN and six Sigma principles
Level and Sequence of Events Participants will learn the different levels of projects and events, and sequencing of high-level events to low-level events
Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership will gain an understanding of all the roles and responsibilities required in a LEAN Six Sigma implementation, especially what is expected of the leadership

Metrics and Sustainment

Participants will see examples of how other companies are insuring sustainment of the gains from a LEAN Six Sigma implementation and discuss which metrics making sure the sustainment of LEAN Six Sigma for your organization

Wrap-Up Feedback from the day of training as well as a discussion about the next steps for your group

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