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Breaking the Code on Effectively Sustaining Change (PART 3 of 4)

Is there a formula for successful change? There just might be!

In our last two articles on implementing and sustaining change, we covered how change happens, and then addressed barriers to change which trigger resistance to change and sustainability. Today, let's focus on the positive aspects of change: How to create situations where the rewards and satisfaction from implementing your change drive long-term-sustainability!

Behavior modification is a key part of our leadership development program & training courses. Understand what motivates your employees, and you can leverage those motivations.

It all boils down to one "formula" for motivation.

The Secret Sauce: N -> B -> R

Needs leads to Behavior, which leads to Rewards. N -> B -> R.

Now, let's break this down a little more.

Rewards - a broad term. The reward under discussion could be pure financial rewards, such as salary and/or bonuses. It could mean an improved workflow or making their job easier to perform. Rewards could even simply mean the satisfaction of a job well done. Some rewards are explicit and some are intrinsic. Different people respond with various levels of enthusiasm to different reward types. You have to know your people well enough to know which type of reward structure will work best with them.

One key trait of highly effective managers -which we teach in our leadership development program & training courses- is understanding and leveraging each employee's individual reward preferences.

Behavior is exactly what it sounds like. In context of change implementation, this means the desired new behavior you wish your employees to exhibit. Behavior is what nearly any change initiative is modifying.

Needs are the underlying motivators of human behavior. Adapting the theories of psychologist Clayton Alderfer, there are three key types of needs. Put in business terms, these are:

  • Existential Needs: Basic quality-of-life, such as the ease of doing work on a day-to-day basis.
  • Relational Needs: Having satisfying interpersonal relationships, such as employee/boss or team-based experiences.
  • Growth Needs: Opportunities to grow, expand, learn, and change - either as an individual or as a group.

So, once you understand these three key factors, N-B-R, it’s simple algebra! You can solve for any one of the three as long as you understand the other two. When implementing change - modifying Behavior - that means focusing on Needs and Rewards.

The real power of this is when you realize that the behavior element is the easiest to understand. We see behavior and have to deal with it on a daily basis. A little detective work will quickly reveal the reward or satisfaction they are receiving from that behavior. We can then find a way to help them realize they can achieve the same or better reward by addressing the need that is driving the behavior. The equation works the same way if we know any two of the variable, we can then solve the puzzle for the third and develop an effective strategy to sustain our changes long-term! Look at the Needs which are going unfulfilled in the current situation, and decide which Rewards are most suitable for the circumstance. Then propose Behavior changes which "connect the dots" from N to R.

Learn to Implement Change More Effectively

X-Stream Leadership Group’s leadership development program & training courses are specifically designed to help you evaluate these three factors, and propose change that ties them all together. Looking for change within your organization? Our superior strategies can help you successfully create the operation you want and sustain your changes long-term for a significantly better return on your investment!

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