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Our Mission is to ensure that we,
and our clients, are better today than we were yesterday…but not NEARLY as good as we are going to be tomorrow!

Our Strategy to achieve this Mission
is to work like we train, and
to train like we work.

Structured Strategy
For Success
Our difference is our approach. No single methodology solves every problem for every organization!©
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Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints
These are process improvement methodologies that have changed the way organizations do business. > Learn More

X-Stream Leadership Group

Our name means World-Class Performance! The red "X" represents the identification and elimination of the bad things in your performance AND your organization! The Stream represents how value and improvement flows through you and your team to provide exceptional performance.

After many years of working with and for world-class organizations in numerous industries, we discovered that no matter what the market, these organizations had four key principles that ensured their world-class performance. In order to offer a specific and dynamic range of business services in support of these key principles, we structured our business into four segments to support the areas where an organization, no matter how small or how large, needs to excel in order to become world-class:

“I have known J.R. McGee and his team since 2001 and have used his services on a variety of projects including: •Lean/Six Sigma training and certification of employees and staff as Green Belts •Lean and rapid improvement projects to reduce cycle and lead times across our business systems resulting in thousands in cost savings •Kaizen Events •System & Process Audits •Process improvements •Management coaching and mentoring… J.R.’s a true professional and his charisma, enthusiasm and energy is contagious. He is an excellent speaker and knows how to keep the audience’s attention. I recommend J.R. and the X-Stream Leadership Group Team to anyone who is looking to improve the performance
of their business.
July 15, 2011

Darren Paulson
Quality Assurance AltaSens Inc. A subsidiary of Olympus Camera - Japan
  • Our Executive Coaching Services
    Ensuring your existing leadership talent achieves THEIR full potential

  • Our Leadership Institute
    Providing the courses and the content we wish we had been taught when we were middle managers! This ensures you develop the effective leaders businesses will need for tomorrow!

  • Our Business Process Improvement Operations
    Blending LEAN with Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints to provide world-class processes and ensuring true value for your customers! We offer highly skilled and experienced practitioners and facilitators, LEAN Six Sigma training, and Sensei Coaching to customize a program for each client’s specific needs. Never force fit an “off the shelf” approach to your unique problems!

  • Our ISO and Quality Auditing Services
    Whether it’s improving your existing Quality Management program, auditing your internal operations or your supply chain, or training your staff in ISO, we provide exceptional value in helping your organization become the best-of-the-best in your market space!

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and find out how we can help your organization reach your full potential!

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Regional offices in Longmont, CO – Dallas, TX – Laurel Hill, FL serving clients in the larger Philadelphia, Denver and Dallas areas and World-Wide.